JULY Giveaways!

Monthly Giveaway

Our Monthly Giveaway is done on the last night of breaks in a given month.  Anyone who purchased spots in our Random Breaks the entire month is eligible for the giveaway and will receive the amount of spots based on the chart below. 

  • Level 1 Breaks ($1-$35 cost):           1 Giveaway Spot
  • Level 2 Breaks ($40-$70 cost):         2 Giveaway Spots
  • Level 3 Breaks ($75-$99 cost):         3 Giveaway Spots
  • Level 4 Breaks ($100-$199 cost):     4 Giveaway Spots
  • Level 5 Breaks (over $200 cost):      5 Giveaway Spots  

This month, we will be doing a FREE box of 2024 Hit Parade Triple Play Baseball, with each box containing an autographed jersey, baseball, and photo!  Find some of the biggest names in Baseball!

Weekly Giveaway

Each break night this month, we will be doing Hobby Pack Giveaways!  For each break that fills, we will do a giveaway involving the participants of that break to do a free pack of cards!